Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette Review!

I as of late ran over a palette by Blue Heaven on have given the purchase link of this product at the end of the post). They had a gigantic promotion going on. I was so happy about experimenting with something new that I got a few items. I haven’t generally thought of Blue Heaven as a first rate mark. In spite of that reality, I got myself this Blue Heaven Eye sparkle palette.

Is it extremely justified, despite all the trouble? All things considered, how about we discover!

Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT : Blue Heaven Eye sparkles Palette.

Cost : 120 INR (Price may fluctuate).

Accessibility : Available on amazon.

How to USE: Simply use with an eye shadow brush which they have given or you can take a eyeshadow brush of your choice.

12 lively colors. Waterproof. High force velvety formula, specialy mixed hues with specilized sparkles for velvetty feel ,pressed with uncommonly planned tool. smudge free,Dynamic and Creamy. Shading stay Formula. Doesn’t Fade Away.

Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette Review!


I am not an enthusiast of an excessive amount of shine with regards to eye cosmetics. I get a kick out of the chance to keep it intense and chic in the meantime. Along these lines, when I got my hands on such a cheap palette, I really wanted to appreciate the colors
The Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette arrive in a firm, straightforward packaging case with the goal that you can see the shades effectively.

It is a little, minimal palette that is small to the point that it can fit in your pockets easily. It is travel friendly and can be kept anyplace. It kills the need of taking other enormous palettes that may take up a great deal of room.

Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette Review!


The colors you find in this palette are exceptionally chic and glittery. I sincerely did not hope to see this OK pigmentation, given the sticker price.

The consistency is very smooth and they are not fine or flaky. The eyeshadows are anything but easy to apply and effortlessly beauties on my eyes. They can mix exceptionally well in spite of the reality they are sparkly. I use a concealer to develop the colors yet these are really decent something else, also.

The colors in this palette are as per the following:

Splendid yellow, Fuschia Pink, Navy Blue, Dark green, Silver, Violet, Maroon, Sapphire blue, Crimson Red, Pink, Copper and White.

( sorry for the blue color in middle.)

Blue Heaven Eye Glitter Palette Review!

I would state this palette ended up being a decent amount buy and expected a lot from this palette which turned out to be true. It is a pleasant palette to have with exquisite colors. The colors, I would state have the appropriate measure of sparkle to them.

They are not thick like most ones are. The darker hues are more pigmented when compared with the lighter ones.

Be that as it may, generally speaking, it was a wonderful ordeal.

Why to buy this product:-

1. Sparkly Shades.

2. Travel inviting case

3. Reasonable.

4. Effortlessly blendable.

5. Loads of shades in a single palette.

6.Super long lasting

Buy from this link:

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