Lakme sun expert fairness + UV lotion SPF50 review

Summers are as of now thumping the entryways thus I am will review a sunscreen that would be ideal for the warmth. I had obtained this sunscreen tube amid last summers arbitrarily from a nearby shop. As a matter of fact that day, I had neglected to apply the sunscreen and I understood this exclusive once, I was out in the sun. I acquired this without much idea and connected it on my way. There is a very good sunscreen for all skin types. The one I have with me is for all skin types so you can go for it whether you are normal to dry to oil or combination skin..

shelf life:-
It isn’t said on the tube. Just “use before” date is imprinted on the bundling


The packaging is very smaller and travel-accommodating. It arrives in a brilliant yellow tube in 2 sizes. I have the littler one, which can be effectively conveyed in the satchel.

My experience with Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 50 PA ++ all skin types

It is a white cream, marginally thicker than a moisturizer. I typically pour a coin-sized amount on my palm and after that dunk my finger in it and apply everything over my face, neck and hands. On first application, it would be whitish yet once kneaded well, it would wind up straightforward on the skin.

This one is uniquely intended for dry skin and does its activity well. This gives a matte-look as well as gives enough moisturization to the day. I needn’t bother with an extra layer of cream under it. I have utilized Lakme sunscreen cream (the one with SPF 24) with which I need to utilize a layer of lotion generally dry chips wind up obvious all over. There is no such issue with this one, however! So a thumbs up on the moisturization part!

The item claims to give fairness as a part of lotion,thus i would say it does give fairness to the extent.

The SPF 50 is entirely useful for ordinary use for a women like me, who stays inside generally of the day. I had additionally utilized this sunscreen in Goa last December and the sun security it gave was really great. With the goal that way, I have tried it outside as well. Additionally, I have layered BB cream over it frequently and it didn’t break me out. I have not attempted any overwhelming cosmetics with it on, so would not have the capacity to remark on that. Aside from this, I don’t know how well it would function in serious tropical sun, since I have utilized it in places with a direct warm atmosphere.

Generally speaking, it is a decent sunscreen moisturizer for ordinary to dry skin and is ideal for both regular utilize and for the days you are out in the sun.

Why you should buy Lakmé Sun Expert Fairness + UV Lotion SPF 50 PA ++ All skin types

Furnishes UVA and UVB security with SPF 50
Appropriate for ordinary to dry skin
Levels out the skin tone
Contains some great fixings like lemongrass, cucumber and lactic corrosive
Effectively accessible
Bundling is smooth and travel-accommodating

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