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We all know how much we love Makeup. It is more like an addiction of collecting nykaa makeup epspecially for me.  Nykaa is no doubt  the best brand ever for buying cosmetics, they have wide  range of products which i really adore.Nykaa launched their own line of cosmetics recently, and nykaa SKIN genius compact is a part of their newly launched products.. I couldn’t wait to try this new product from nykaa. 😇

Not only compact, I tried my hands on their Kajal too which I will review in my further post. Here is a combined shot of it. 😄

Today’s post will be only for their  nykaa SKINgenius compact only so lets further start the review..

Price: Rs.525/- for 9 GM

Shade I Picked: Natural Ivory 01

Product Description:-
You should experience  a luxurious texture to your skin which will feel like second skin . Nykaa Skin genius Compact seamlessly blends in your skin effortlessly and gives a perfect looking complexion ever. The PolyLift technology allows the powder to absorb  into your skin, giving you a naturally radiant look.It is  fortified  with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, which ensures you stay remarkably fresh  and radiant around the clock.You will never feel cakey or dried up,but instead your skin will get a boost to look more natural radiant and flawless
Sophisticated Matte Finish
Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E
Fragrance-free and paraben free

👉 Packaging: Comes in a solid plastic box with a basic compact packaging. The closing lid is safe and tight which means you can carry it in your handbags. It has the separate area for its applicator sponge, unlike the other compacts. The outer box packaging has everything of important information except the Price. Which was Strange. 

👉 My Experience: First thing first, I liked the applicator, that is the sponge. It has too much of softness in it and I felt like it is leaving an even amount of powder on my skin.. I like the Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact Pad more. I have been using that on a repetitive basis.

Before moving on to the powder, let me tell you that have I have normal to dry sensitive skin. I am using this compact with given sponge and I really loved it. The compact instantly covered  tiny pores giving my skin a radiant and a genuinely natural finished look. I am totally happy with the shade I picked. 😇 It didn’t turn out cakey or more dry even after hours.

After few hours, what I noticed that it definitely controlled the facial oil or sweat. Say anything, but My face was not getting loaded with sweat when I went out for hours. True to the claim and it didn’t clog my pores. Though after 4-5 hours the pore reduction effect was faded off.

Price factor plays an important role esp. when two products are nearly same plus how many time you have to use that product in your daily routine. For me, a compact is something like which I use only on weekends. I have been using Maybelline compact only and I think that will remain no.1 for me because that is affordable and I love everything about that.

Why go for a costlier product when we can have an affordable substitute for it. I am not saying I didn’t like it or it is bad or something. It is just something a comparison between nearly same products. If I talk about only and only Nykaa Compact, then yes, I liked it ..

A point to be noted here, some of my blogger buddies have to say that they didn’t like it much. So I guess it is not a “Fit for All” compact. Maybe because I have normal to dry skin and that’s why it worked for me.

It says it is hydrating but i did find any hydrating effect or anything or I am not able to track the hydration effect in a compact. But it kept my skin oil-free even though i have normal to dry skin.

I really find nykaa skin genius compact worth a try  only because it is Paraben Free and Non-Comedogenic and has Hyaluronic Acid. These three points really can make any product special. If you are someone who uses a compact on daily basis then you can go for this.

I am a nykaa Lover and I will buy their product just because I love nykaa. This can happen with you too towards Nykaa. If you are someone who is Nykaa Range Lover then you will like it because it is not a bad one. Hope you will understand my thoughts here. 🙂

Why you should buy this product:-
Paraben Free
Contains Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid
Didn’t clog pores
Controls Sine
Controls facial sweat
Minimize tiny pores
Instant Smooth Effect
Light on Skin

Buy from here:- https://amzn.to/2GX2UmV

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