Olay natural white cream review

Today i m going to share olay natural white instant glowing fairness with uv protection.

So lets start with the review guys,guys 1st of all its light and non greasy as its says..and it does prove that.

This every day Instant Glowing Fairness Serum with vitamins and non-oily equation gives your Fairness with skin that sparkles in a moment. What it does your skin is that it Influences your skin to tone lighter, Provides sun protection and make it glowing your skin in the meantime.

The cream smoothens out well when applied and doesn’t cluster by any waysIt’s light and smooth with a mellow calming scent, which is exceptionally charming.What I like the most about the cream is that it leaves the skin extremely delicate and smooth.It makes for an ideal base for applying cosmetics.With respect to the brightening impact, I noticed a change in my composition after 3 weeks of usage.. My family and friend truly got some information about the mystery behind it.it dosent contain any bleach

It helps in 3 ways:

  • it lightens your skin tone
  • it even out your skin tone
  • it provides sun protection to give healthy looking glow
  • it nourishes your skin deep within


Guys it also shows how to add this product to your daily skin care routine.for eg:

  • gently cleans your skin with any face wash to clear away any impurities.
  • massage gently into your skin leaving no residues
  • you can also apply at night for deep nourishment


The cream comes in plastic tube and has screw top. The tight opening of tube dispenses only required amount. Tube is lightweight and little which influences it to movement



sorry guys ingredients are not mentioned in this packaging.


The cream has smell like pigeon washing bar. I adore bird’s aroma so I don’t have any issue with the odour.

How I use olay whitening cream for my normal to dry skin:

I use this after my facewash or as a primer when i apply makeup when I need to go out. I take out little product and spot it all over my face. Utilizing my fingertips, I mix the cream and it gets consumed in the skin rapidly which isn’t drying in any way, however a dewy texture of matte remains which is actually good. The cream controls oil and furthermore gives permanent shine on my normal skin

The cream is great delicate matte complete and furthermore influences your face to look splendid. It can’t make you reasonable by any possibility, just gives transitory shine to your face. It likewise contains spf yet they have not specified the quality of spf so I dont generally use any another spf over it. General it is a decent face cream that gives you a splendid beautiful skin.

Should i repurchase:-

I would literally go for this cream again…because of its moisture content and texture.and much more good qualities.

Price of Olay natural white cream:

Only Rs 109 for 20g



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