Olivia pancake review

I had been utilizing this product since 2004… and here I am with my point by point survey on it. The olivia pan cake I have is almond dust (26) which compliments my skin tone perfectly.

Now lets move to the review of this product.

Item Description:

Olivia pancake is particularly figured with ISI approved material to give assurance to your skin from contamination and sun rays. In that capacity, it is a perfect cosmetics for Cine/TV stars.

Olivia pancake gives a smooth complete and perfect appearances to your skin. Being water proof, it gives you an exceptionally beautiful and smooth look and keeps you new throughout the day. It doesn’t run or streak with sweat. It comes in 12 shades to suit each skin type.
Directions of Usage:

To apply this, use a damp wipe. Take the item and apply it specifically in your face and neck equitably.

Shelf life of this product:

3 years from the date of packaging

Cost and amount:

Cost is Rs.110/ – for net weight 25gm.


Olivia Pancake arrives in a dark and brilliant shaded round plastic tub with a dark hued translucent top.

The cover is very solid which influences it to travel friendly.It accompanies a white hued wipe which is of good quality. Pancake and wipe is isolated by a straightforward case to keep it clean.

This tub is again stuffed in a cardboard rectangular dark hued box.

All the required points of interest are imprinted on the tub and also box.


It has extremely smooth surface. It is light weighted and does not influence you to feel cakey.

It is neither excessively satiny nor excessively fine. It has flower aroma which continues waiting for quite a while.


The key elements of Olivia pancake are:

Why you should buy this product:

· It gives a decent matte wrap up.

· It gives normal sparkle to around 4-5 hours.

· It helps in setting the sunscree,moisturizer or lotion beautifully.

· It has exceptionally smooth surface.

· Has distinctive accumulation of shades.

· It helps in controlling oil for good 3-4 hrs.

· Blends on effortlessly and brings about giving a decent look.

· Affordable and travel friendly

· Comes with a decent quality wipe.

My Experience of Olivia Pancake:

I thoroughly agree with the description on the pancake.

This Pancake resembles a durable powder which gives regular sparkle to longer time. It helps in limiting the presence of pores.

It is a light reduced which works flawlessly, particularly for summers. It gives decent matte complete which controls oil and aides in looking good.I have been utilizing it on regular reason since long long time. It has not given me any breakouts yet. For a dry skin, this implies a considerable measure and subsequently I cherished this item.

4 Out of 5.

Would I prescribe This Product Again:

Truly, unquestionably I would prescribe this. As I said before its ideal conservative for normal to combination skin. So all who have a oily skin should experiment with this. Simply ensure that you pick the shade as per your skin tone.

You can buy olivia pancake from here:



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